If you are interested in running your own business in the huge market of Japan,
you could consider to choose us as a consultant, an advisor, a cordinator, or perhaps as a partner.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.
Helping foreign companies expand in Okinawa (Japan).
If you are thinking of expanding your business into the Japanese market there are two important points to consider.
Point 1. The promotion material that you use in your country (TV/Radio commercials, prints, web designs etc.) might not have the desired effect in Japan because of cultural differences.
Japanese people have a quite unique taste when it comes to promoting and we at Remar Pro know how to make your promotion material suit the Japanese market.
Point 2. Many Japanese people do not speak any foreign languages, so it can be difficult to approach Japanese companies without any Japanese language skills.
We have 26 foreign translators fluent in Japanese helping companies globally.
[Providing services for developing a Japanese market.]
We provide something suites Japanese tastes.
Translations 26 Languages.
Web Design/Web site structuring.
TV/Radio Commercials.
Commercial Printing Designs.
Business Support in Okinawa.

We are focusing on supporting medium-sized businesses with a proven track record in their own country.
There is no other country like Japan.
An island nation with a unique culture.
An island nation shared by mostly one ethnicity.
An island nation with only one language.

We hope that it is possible to
help your company's expansion into Japan.
If you are thinking about expanding in Japan, let us know your requirements.
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