Commercials for Japanese regional and national TV and radio stations!

49 AM radio stations
38 FM radio stations
110 TV stations
Radio commercial construction
TV commercial construction

Radio and TV stations in Japan are normally divided into 47 districts, we can help you broadcast nationally as well as regionally!

We will of course produce commercials that suits Japan which also includes planning and broadcast scheduling.
--Price Information--
TV and radio broadcasting fees are different depending on station and broadcast style.
Example: [Radio] FM-Okinawa ca. $90/20 sec.
CM (Regional population ca.1, 400,000.
[TV] Fuji-Television ca. $2,200/15 sec. CM (Regional population ca. 17,300,000.

Japanese taste TV/Radio Commercial advertising Production.- If you think the TV/Radio Commercial broadcasting in Japan, Please consult us.
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