If you are planning on starting up a business or expanding your business to Okinawa we can provide you with support in these fields:
Legal support.
Japanese education.
Consulting after establishment.
And much more!

…to allow you to focus on your business.
--Providing Okinawan local service--
Site visit support.
Company establishment support.
Japanese language education.
Company credit check.
--Information on Economy in Okinawa--

[Okinawa prefecture key information]
Estimated population: 1,425,232 (2015/5/1)
Average income per family: JPY330,082 (2015/4)
Overall unemployment rate 5.0% (2015/4)
Consumer price index (Naha) 102.9 (2015/4)
Industrial production index 103.7 (2015/3)
Tourists arriving in Okinawa (monthly) 611,400 (2015/5)

In 2012, government and public revenue were over 4 trillion yen from tourism and tourists from abroad are increasing annually. One reason is because of the weakening of the yen, usage of VISA cards issued in South East Asia have increased on a large scale.

[Changes in foreign tourists arriving in Okinawa] Ca. 300,000 in 2011
Ca. 380,000 in 2012 (+26.6%)
Ca. 550,800 in 2013, 170,000↑ (+46.2%)
Ca. 986,000 in 2014, 358,800↑ (+57.2%)

[Data by nationality] Out of the 986,000 the most common nationalities are: (63.8%) are Taiwanese 362,200 Chinese 129,600 Hong Kongese 137,500 (According to Okinawa Prefectural Government) So what do you think? Okinawa being a world famous marine tourism spot, just looking at the data above we believe that Okinawa\'s economy will grow much stronger.
We hope that it is possible to help your company's expansion into Okinawa.

We hope that it is possible to help your company's expansion into Okinawa.
Business Support for foreign companies in Okinawa. - If you need Business Support in Okinawa, please feel free to contact us.
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